Server for
Point of sale

Server for Point Of Sale is a Web Service, available 24/7/365, which keeps a data of POS terminals (cash registers) in a central place and collects cash transactions

Integration with Microsoft .NET technology, C#, Visual Basic and other .NET languages.

We would be happy if you can come to us with a sources of WCF based C# library working with our JSON-REST server accompanied with ms-build file with at least one single entity (e.g. /v15/{sellerId}/products), so we can take over the library development and provide full-featured library working with all the entities described at our Reference .

Meanwhile we have plans to use Swagger to create .NET based API. This issue is in a pipeline but the delivery date is unknown yet.

Our intention is to publish at the Assembly, Documentation reference, Source code and other necessary materials for your later usage.

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